All Eyes on Yingluck

Yayy for female leader!

Indonesia is not new to the concept of having female President, but for our neighbor, Thailand, Yingluck Shinawatra is their first ever woman prime minister. Before she made it into the government office, she began her career by selling advertising for Yellow Pages published by Shinawatra Directories. And then she is overseeing her family business empire, such as the mobile phone provider industry and  real estate development.

Before we get too political, let’s talk about the more important thing like Yingluck fashion style! :D It’s always interesting  to see the style of high profile women because they have boundaries when it comes to dressing up yet people expect them to look professional yet chic at the same time.

According to, Yingluck prefers off-the rack designer brands to tailor-made outfits. Her favorite shopping destination is the Crystal Park Shopping Mall. It reminds me of the First Lady Of The United States and her love towards anything J Crew.

Currently, Yingluck style is still a bit on the conservative side. Especially when she wears the matching skirt suit she is so often spotted in.I like it when she wears blazer, I just hope she can find something else to pair them with other than black pants. The silk blouses and pearls suit her perfectly and make her look even more sophisticated. I know as a prime minister, she cannot just sport the latest trend every other day, but I think as a 44 years old with great figure like her, it won’t hurt to have a little fun with her outfit and break the stereotypical bureaucratic style. At least a little change to show more of her personality and individual style. Some Thai identity and local designers will be interesting too.

On the hair and makeup department I think she doesn’t need to change anything as she always looks presentable. She even has subtle smokey eyes which I find so pretty on her.



So what do you think of her style?

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