Yay or Nay: The Pink Chicken Wing Necklace

To tell you the truth, I quite like Nicki Minaj. Underneath all that makeup, she’s a striking girl, and there’s no doubt that she’s a talented rap artist. And yes, she does wear head-to-toe leopard, Bride of Frankenstein wigs, and bubblegum-coloured hair, but I’m all about supporting girls who just wanna have fun.

Last weekend, though, Nicki Minaj donned a pink chicken wing necklace to the IHeartRadio Festival. I usually adore big, bold accessories, but this chicken wing piece appears too real (except for the color, of course), it looks edible. Which makes it sort of, ummm, gross.

Was the chicken wing was from a real one? Maybe it’s a sponsored piece from the local fried chicken joint?  I don’t know. At first I thought I like it, then I don’t, but it is different and kinda funny. So, cool or not?