Indonesian Famous Figures’ Showcases Their Batik Collection Till October 31

What do you usually do to celebrate National Batik Day that falls on October 2? Many of us might cherish the day by wearing batik. For batik collectors, the celebration becomes the perfect time to showcase their collection of batik. And now they already found the perfect place and time to exhibit, which is Pasaraya Tribute to Batik. During the program that lasts from September 24 to October 31, numbers of Indonesian well-known people place their favorite batik cloth and batik attires at D’ Designers, Pasaraya. There are about 60 batik cloth and attires from 37 people who lend their collection to Pasaraya; from national figures like Sukmawati Sukarnoputri, Nina Akbar Tanjung, Sutiyoso, Miranda Goeltom to popular celebrities such as Andien, Dian Sastrowardoyo, Dwiki Dharmawan and so on.

As I walked around the venue of the exhibition, I found that the batik there to be not only beautiful, but I could also read brief story behind the batik which makes the exhibition more interesting and meaningful. Here I bring you some pictures of the batik so you can also enjoy the exhibition right at your place:

Piyu Padi’s Mercedes-Benz C 250 Avant Garde. This is the first batik item that I saw on Pasaraya Tribute To Batik since the car is placed near the main entrance of D’Designers. Piyu won a charity auction on February 2010 with Rp. 1 billion bid to get this car. Then the batik paint of this car is designed by Carmanita.

Sukmawati Sukarnoputri‘s batik from Solo named Babon Ngangem (left photo) and Nia Dinata batik (right). This Babon Ngangem batik was used by Sukmawati in celebrating the 7th month of her pregnancy before she gave birth to GRM Paundra Karna Sukmaputra. The motif of Babon Ngangem symbolizes the warmth and love of a hen to her eggs. While Nia Dinata’s batik illustrated the process of making batik.

Andien‘s batik dress (left photo) and Dian Sastrowardoyo‘s (right).The dress is Andien favorite because she loves the unusual cup motif. While Dian loves her dress because it is a gift from her husband when he proposed to her. He knows Dian likes batik very much.

Three pieces of batik that owned by Lili Atmodiro‘s (woman behind Bunga Rampai restaurant group). All the three batik were made of silk and designed by Iwan Tirta around 1980’s. No wonder they’re truly treasured.

Rolland Adam (designer interior)’s sleeveless batik shirt on left photo and Sandiaga Uno‘s batik shirt on the right. Rolland designed the vest-looking shirt for Parang Kencana when he was asked to create batik collection for the young people. Unlike Rolland’s shirt that’s suitable for non-formal to semi-formal occasions, Sandiaga Uno often uses his batik shirt for formal event and business invitation.

Nadya Mulya‘s Pekalongan batik with Jawa Hohokai motif. Personally, this is my most favorite batik cloth exhibited on Pasaraya Tribute To Batik. As I read the description, it tells that Jawa Hokokai is a type of batik motif that involves various images and details, and uses similar colors as found in Japanese kimono such as yellow, turquoise, red and pink. Now I understand why it looks so delicate.

After looking at all those pictures, can you decide which batik cloth or batik attire that wins your heart? If  you still can’t choose, make a visit to Pasaraya Tibute To Batik so you can see more of them.