The Spark of Moreandmore Necklace

I believe the power of statement necklace. Even when you’re wearing a plain or the least interesting top, an aye-catching statement necklace will transform your look to be one that is more fabulous. And I guess Moreandmore‘s necklaces have that head-turning criteria. The first time I saw Moreandmore’s necklaces was on the last Brightspot Market months ago. The collection was quite fascinating that I planned to catch its update or complete collection from its blog. After few moments staring at the photos, I realized that this Simply Goldie necklace (Rp. 365,000) is the most interesting for me.

Simply Goldie has both futuristic design and classic style. The futuristic design involves a lot of triangle shapes because Moreandmore believe triangle is a symbol of stability, strength and control. While the combination of black and gold results classic and elegant nuance to the necklace. I can imagine this necklace would fit many tops and dresses in anyone’s closet.

Anyway, if Simply Goldie necklace isn’t your cup of tea, you can check other Moreandmore necklaces from its two collections. The first collection has less complicated designs that mostly use black, gold and silver as the hues. For people who prefer edgier statement necklace, they might like more colorful necklace from the second collection. Interested to own any of those necklace? You can browse the collection from Moreandmore’s blog or find them in The Goods Dept, Plaza Indonesia.