Genifique; The Highlight of my Lancome Skincare Trial

I always wonder why I never tried Lancome skincare. It has always been in my ‘skincare to try’ list, but I never came around to actually do it. It was not after the launch of Genifique, said to be a youth activating serum, that I really put an underline for Lancome on my ‘skincare to try’ list. Funny how things turned out, one day, I just have everything I’ve wanted landed on my table. That day feels like Christmas coming early for me. The perk of working in this industry :)

Before I begin with my review, let me give you a brief of the state of my skin at the moment I started using the skincare from Lancome. I was having a terrible couple of months because everytime I had my period, I’ve always had acne breakout. I’ve been using a lot of skincare that contains alcohol to dry down the acne which leaves my skin really dry and sensitive. I have very dry skin to begin with, so this really worsened the condition. The acne scars left nasty spots on my face afterward and it made my face really dull. So what I was looking for at that moment was something that can soothe my skin in times of dire need of hydration and to tackle my spots and dullness problem.

The skincare that I’m using from Lancome: Genifique , Blanc Expert GN-White Agefight, Hydra Zen Neo Calm Multi-Relief Anti-Stress Moisturizing Cream and I added Genifique Eye and Blanc Expert Eye for the eyes.

Genifique is one of the first of its kind; a youth activating serum. I know now, you’ll see more and more similar product at the market but it was Genifique that truly captured my heart. This product promises visibly younger skin in just 7 days! Quite like expecting for the stars to fall from the sky, don’t you think? It takes miracle!

How does it work? Genifique boosts the actvity of genes and stimulates the production of protein in our skin that is associated with youth protein. It’s suitable for any age and any skin condition. What I noticed after a week of usage when I used it on its own was that my skin looked visibly radiant and supple because it really feels moisturizing on the skin. Aging usually causes our skin to lose its radiance and suppleness, therefore I would say if these two results shown at the first week of usage I think it’s safe to say that, yes, Genifique does make your skin look younger.

But what is Genifique really? Notice when I write how Genifique work I used the word ‘boosts’ because it’s really a booster. It works best when you pair it up with a serum. On its own, like I said above, will give your skin the glow and hydration it needs. But when paired up with a serum it will make the serum work more effectively. For instance, I’m using the White Blanc serum because I’m having problem with dullness and spots. In a month of usage, White Blanc serum does really show a change but not significant since the spots were really dark. It lighten the spots, but it’s still quite visible. After a month, I paired the White Blanc serum with Genifique and I started seeing a significant change after a week with my spots looking visibly lighter and my face looked much more radiant.

As a moisturizer I used the Hydrazen Neocalm for day and night. Actually they have a separate night cream but I was already happy enough with this and it doesn’t contain SPF. It’s designed to boost skin self-defense system, enhance skin hydration and soothe the skin. Perfect for dehydrated and sensitive skin. Even if you have oily skin but you feel that your skin is experiencing dehydration this would be perfect. It contain white jasmine that will help to neutralize your skin in time of stress and also protect the cells that is involved in skin’s natural defense system. Also with rose extract to reinforce skin barrier function and soothe the skin. It felt so soothing to my (at that time) acne prone skin.

Since they just launched the Genifique Eye, I also gave it a try. You can use this eye cream on its own and I’ve heard many people raving about this. On its own it feels refreshing, able to depuff my puffy eyes and hydrating. But since I have really dark circles, I used Blanc Expert Eyes with Genifique Eye hoping for a miracle :) The result? My dark circles looked visibly lighter and I didn’t have a puffy eyes anymore. I like that the Genifique Eye feels so light and dries quite fast and gives a nice velvety texture so it doesn’t feel heavy even though I put two creams on the eye area.

So the highlight of my Lancome skincare test was the Genifique! Combine them with anything, and you can conquer any skin problem. Even on its own they’re already perfect. Really, a bottle worth purchasing. Even if you don’t want to use the whole Lancome series, you can still use Genifique and combine it with your skin care.

Confused on which one to use first? Drop your question on the comment box and I will try my best to give a guidance.