Levi’s “Now is is Our Time, Go Forth!” Global Campaign

If you talked about jeans, it’s impossible not to mention Levi’s. For the first time in their 138 years history as a brand, Levi’s launched a global campaign, titled “Now is Our Time, Go Forth!” True to the brand image, they appeal to the young generation with their pioneering spirit that believes the future is in their own hands and that they can make it better.

Not only known for their craftsmanship, Levi’s is also known for their breakthrough innovation. Last year, they brought a change to the world of Women’s jeans by introducing Levi’s Curve ID where buying a jeans is not a matter of size anymore, but it’s all about shape. It doesn’t hurt that by embracing different shapes of women’s body, my jeans coms in a smaller size. I’m even happier to part with my money for a smaller sized jeans :)

At the Men’s section, at the beginning of this year, Levi’s introduced their latest innovation with Water<Less finishing where this process will reduce the use of water in the making of Levi’s jeans.

We can’t wait to see more innovation from Levi’s, but for now, let’s check out their latest collection. Planning to get a pair of jeans anytime soon, ladies?