181. Inside Ketupatkartini’s Bag

I’ve never been a fan of large bag, my collections mostly small to medium sling bag. But when it comes to office or working matter –which is not too often-, this bag would be suitable.

Eventually I can no longer avoid from sharing the content of my bag, after such a long time being a member of Fashionese Daily :p

The Bag: Aty Noor Batik Bag, from Jogja.

Found this at some local products exhibition, this was definitely a cheap thrill! The elegant pattern –eventhough it was just a stamped batik- , combine with vertical stiching at the center. Love this bag because it’s just different from other batik bag.

The contents:

  • Pink wallet from BojaBag (or maybe Rizka Mellina has a new brand name for her wallet line? I don’t know yet, but hey Rizka, I looove your products!! :D)
  • Blackberry
  • Silver Ipod
  • Chinese make up pouch
  • Note book
  • Wet tissue
  • Spare socks (very useful when I have to ride my motorcycle)
  • And last, some 5thousands left from lebaran treat, :D I purposely put it outside the wallet, to keep it neat.

Inside the make up pouch:

  • Pure white linen mini from Estee Lauder
  • Revlon Lipstick ‘Blush’
  • Stila Lip Enamel ‘happiness’
  • MAC trip palette, Neutral.
  • MAC suntints
  • EM blush brush
  • Spare flower pin