How to Choose the Right Brightening Product

It seems that most beauty brands release their own skin brightening products, claiming that their products work best. No wonder that we, as the customers, might get lost and confused which brightening product is the most suitable for our skin. Fortunately, Dr Windy Keumala Budianti Sp.KK. shared her knowledge about skin brightening product during the launching of Ultima II Clear White Supreme at Javana Spa, Sukabumi.

Factors of Skin Pigmentation

Before deciding to buy any skin brightening product, it’s also important to understand the factors that make our skin become darker. The skin gets darker with pigmentation process or the state when melanin level inside the skin is increasing. Factors that trigger the increasing level of melanin includes internal factors (genetic factor, hormonal changes and disease) and external factors (UV ray, cosmetic and drug usage). Dr Windy explained that UV ray is the most prominent factor off all to cause the skin getting darker (about 80-90%). UV radiation also leads to dry skin, dark spots, burnt, aging skin and worst of all, skin cancer. While hormonal changes such as estrogen and progesterone promote skin pigmentation in the form of melasma or age spot. Aging problems happen because skin metabolism, texture and function are decreasing. That’s why aging problem and pigmentation are closely related, especially in Asian skin.

Choosing The Right Brightening Product

The information above can be used as a reference to choose the most suitable skin brightening product that tackle the factor of our pigmentation problem. If we’re often exposed to sun often, then we need skin brightening product that has high sun protection. If aging problem is among the factors of our pigmentation, we need brightening product that offers anti-aging formula. Besides adjusting the product with our skin condition, there are several tips that Dr Windy shared to choose the right skin brightening product. Here they are:

  1. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen in daytime. Sunscreen will be truly useful to prevent discoloration during the usage of brightening skincare.
  2. Make sure that your skin is clean and moist always, so your skin is not only bright, but also healthy.
  3. Before choosing particular brightening product, consult with a doctor to help you find out the most suitable product for your skin type and condition and tell you whether you need to get any treatment or therapy.
  4. Educate yourself with the knowledge about good or harmful ingredients contained in brightening product. Avoid using brightening product that has mercury, hydroquinone and steroid.
  5. To avoid any negative reaction caused by brightening product, choose product that contains natural ingredients. Brightening product that contains natural ingredients is usually safe and doesn’t have any side effects when it’s used for long period.

I happen to try a series of brightening product from Ultima II called Clear White Supreme so do stay tuned for the review in my next article!