Edgy or Classic Dress, Which One You Prefer?

When Deszell inform me about Kivee, I was excited because I found several interesting stuff there. I saw a pink tulip skirt that was delicate, and a pair of pallazo pants that are quite interesting. Most of them are priced betwen Rp. 115,000 – Rp. 185,000. Things are good, but even better things were coming. As I clicked the dress section, I saw some pretty dresses, still with affordable price range. And the ones that caught my attention the most were Monolog dress and Petite dress. I couldn’t decide which is the best so maybe you could help me?

The Monolog dress (Rp. 200,000) is an A-line, half synthetic leather dress combined with cotton that looks a bit Celine-inspired. There’s only one choice of its color combination, which is a mix of black and camel. While Petite dress (Rp. 175,000) is a shift dress with peplum detail on its waistline that comes in two choices of color, beige and black. To conclude, Monolog dress is kinda edgy and Petite dress is more classic. Unfortunately, both Monolog and Petite dress come in only have one size. The website doesn’t state their measurement either. So if you think your size could fit into most “all-size” dresses, then it is okay to order one of these dress.

Monolog Dress

Kivee Petite Dress in beige and black

So, which dress is the best? Is it the Monolog, or beige Petite, or the black one?