The Shortest Haircut I’ve Ever Had

I have been thinking of getting my hair cut to a short length for a very long time. But I only have the strength to cut it to a medium length and that was already at the beginning of the year. My hair has grown to its original length back in January. I put the latest FOTD photo before my haircut so you can have the before picture.

I was already window shopping for a hairstylist for quite sometime couple of months before I cut my hair. But it’s not after I met Sophia Lee at the Soiree with de salon by Marc back in May that I was convinced where I want to cut my hair. Sophia Lee is quite new in town, she has been a hairstylist for quite sometime both in Singapore and London before joining de salon by Marc. I had a chat with Sophia that afternoon and she was very eager to cut my hair short even before I told her how short I wanted to cut it. She even suggested to skin my head, I really could not imagine how I can work that hair cut! But on the couple of occasions that I met her, Sophia always styles her short hair in a really nice way. So when she told me to cut my hair short, I could only agree with her :)

Before Sophia cut my hair I told her, I only have two wishes; firstly the haircut should not make me look chubby and secondly it should be easy to maintain.

So this is the result of my haircut, it’s an asymmetric bob that goes longer on one side and quite short at the back.

I waited for a while before I write this review because short hairstyle could be very tricky. It can look absolutely amazing for one week but then after a while it looks really crappy. What I love about getting my hair cut by Sophia:

  1. She’s very patient in cutting my hair one small layer at a time. Once she cut the length of my hair to short, she showed me how it would basically look like before she continued with styling it.
  2. When she chopped off my hair very short, she didn’t just insist because it would look good on me but she also told me because I got a bend on my hair as the result of putting them up for too many times. If I wanted to have my hair healthy again, I needed to start anew :)
  3. She taught me how to style my hair on my own at home. Showed me where to part my hair, which part should be more voluminous and which isn’t. They’re really useful tips for me. I found that hairstylist who gives a styling tips is worth to keep. Nowadays I only need 5 minutes to style my hair.
  4. After more than 1 months after my haircut, the style still looks good as you can see in the photo below.

I also coloured my hair to a very dark brown because my original hair colour is really uneven because of the constant exposure to sunrays and it’s starting to lack in shine, as suggested by Sophia. A haircut with Sophia will guarantee a dent in your wallet, but It will leave you very happy because I also heard great comments from a couple of people who have their hair styled with her. A haircut costs Rp 800,000 before tax and if you want to have a senior stylist to cut your hair, the charge is Rp 250,000. If you want to book an appointment with Marc himself, you have to do it in advance and it will cost you Rp 1,200,000.

There are a lot of services that you will find here that you will not find anywhere else. They have many organic scalp treatment product, Alterna hair care product made from caviar, Crowa by Menard and many more. You can also book an appointment for a facial with Menard here and I quite enjoy the privacy of the facial room and the set up. Although Brazilian Blowout still draws a lot of controversy, but this is about the only salon in Jakarta that provides the service.