Lady Gaga in October’s Harper’s Bazaar

Who is this person? Is she famous? She looks European! Is she Swedish?

Why, it’s Queen Monster, Lady Gaga herself!

Lady Gaga is almost unrecognizable as she laid bare in October’s Harper’s Bazaar, where she’s supposed to be makeup-free and showcases her ‘natural’ self. We-e-e-ell, she’s pretty natural alright, except for the eye shadow, lipstick, powder and wig she’s wearing, of course. Let’s be fair, in fashion shoots, it’s never nude nude. Layers of makeup are still there, just in subtler palette.

In fact, what is natural? Gaga ponders in the issue, “I don’t really view it as ‘natural.’ I think that artifice is the new reality. It’s more about just being honest and sincere to the core of what you do. Whether I’m wearing lots of makeup or no makeup, I’m always the same person inside.”

But still, we are so used to see Gaga being over-the-top theatrical with her appearance, she looks so different here. In a good way, though. Apparently, Gaga agrees. “Amazing styling by @formichetti on Harper’s Bazaar cover. Miss Haus of Gaga. See you soon!” the Grammy winner wrote on Twitter last Wednesday, referring to her style collaborator Nicola Formichetti.

This look is actually her latest persona, Nymph, and it is part of her five fashion films. Remember the music video You and I, where Lady Gaga released her many new alter-egos, including Joe Calderone who made an appearance in MTV Music Awards? While she was shooting the music video, she also filmed five short fashion films featuring herself.

She recently posted the first video ‘Haus of U’ featuring Nymph, Gaga’s alter ego who made an appearance on this Harper’s Bazaar cover.

The two-minute black-and-white clip shows Gaga at her most delicate as she appears doing ballet poses sans her usual heavy makeup and eccentric costumes.

The striking shots by Inez & Vinoodh makes me wonder if there is a possibility that Stefani Germanotta would take breaks from her Halloween looks, and slip into sensible attires more often. But with her commitment in staying in character, one can only hope.

This cover is a drastic change from Gaga’s last Harper’s Bazaar cover, in May edition, where she donned heavy makeup and those foreign creature face-lumps. It is also the first black and white cover Harper’s Bazaar has had in twenty years.

Should Gaga chill out and show more of her true beauty? Or do we love her because of her crazy costumes?