Tips for Getting the Most Out of the Forum

Recently I read the following conversation in Female Daily Forum.

Miss Y: I recommend using ABC moisturizer, the one in the green pot. It’s been proven effective by generations in my family, including my grandmother.

Miss X:  Oh really, does it cause break-outs?

Miss Z: Yup, I agree, ABC moisturizer works wonders, I carry it everywhere.

Miss X: My skin is sensitive, will it work for me?

Girlfriend, who in their right mind, not to mention their grandmother’s, wants to keep using something that causes break-outs?! *pinches Miss X’s sensitive cheeks.*

And how the heck would anyone know if this stuff will work for you? They’ve never met you and they didn’t make the stuff!

Surprisingly, I see this line of questions and answers everywhere in the Forum. Come to think of it, I might have made the same mistakes myself. So here’s what I’ve learned over four years of being an active member of the FD Forum.

  1. Know your own self: your physical features, your lifestyle, your tastes, your budget. Those stilettos are definitely drool-worthy, but will guarantee my ending up in the emergency room if I wear them on my multiple ojek/train/busway rides in the city.
  2. Stake out forum members who have similar physical features as you. As an example, for skincare purposes, people who have similar skin condition (in my case, oily and maturing skin); or for clothing purposes, people with your general physical built. Then ask them for their advice, or read what they like.
  3. Learn to identify people with the same tastes or lifestyle as you. That way you know that if they like something, it’s probably worth your while to investigate that product. For example, in terms of lipstick, where Affi tread, I follow. In terms of blush,  if Mikimoto likes something, then I’m in trouble (and I’ve never even met her or seen her picture!). If Rere recommends a restaurant, I pencil that in my agenda soonest. :D

It’s fairly easy to be overwhelmed in the product jungle, and becoming plin plan, swaying this way and that with each opinion and hype. I myself still do, but for the most part, I’ve been able to find products that work for me  by asking the right questions in the Forum. That said,  if some products don’t work for you, there’s always Market Plaza! :D

And don’t forget, the information sharing goes both ways. If you’ve found something that works for you, by all means, share! Someone told me once that sharing knowledge is like love, they multiply :D

It would be helpful for others if you could give a brief introduction on your physical features or needs along with your review, to help others identify their own needs.

Lastly, given that our forum now consists of hundreds of thousands of posts, to make it easier for people to search, use proper spelling. You can recommend those ND piptos to death, yet no one will find it in a search. Ever. #NoMention.

So, have you got a tip for making the most out of  of the Forum? Do share!