Today’s Outfit: High-Street Head to Toe

Well, not exactly every piece I wear here is from high-street brand, but this is as close as I can get to wear high-street brands head to toe. The buttonless cardigan is my shopping haul from H&M in London when I went there last year, and last week was my first time wearing it. I was this close to selling it because I thought it made me look bigger. In fact, I’ve tried to sell it during our MarketPlaza Day but then Syita & Amal insisted that I should not sell it instead because it looks nice on me…or so they say. Obviously, it went back to my closet after that.

  • Cotton Ink Beige Tanktop
  • H&M Flowery cardigan
  • Topshop jeans
  • Zara pointy shoes
  • Rebecca Minkoff bag


PS: Can’t you tell? We’re running out of spot to take outfit pictures in the office :D