The New Rumah Cantik Citra and Its Signature Body Massage

Are you in need of pampering treatment? Why don’t you go to the new Rumah Cantik Citra. You might have read in our Twitter timeline that the new Rumah Cantik Citra was launched in June, located at Jl. Prof. Dr. Soepomo No. 36, Tebet, South Jakarta. It opens everyday from 10 AM to 8 PM and closes only on public holiday. However, you need to book or register the treatment at 6 PM at the latest. Just like the mechanism in previous Rumah Cantik Citra, you need to buy Citra products to enjoy the free treatment. If you make Rp. 20,000 purchase of Citra products, you’ll get free Hand Spa or Foot Spa. With Rp. 40,000 purchase, you’ll get free Face Massage or Back Massage. If you want to enjoy Rumah Cantik Citra’s Body Massage or Body Scrub + Citra Bath, you need to buy Citra products worth Rp. 60,000.

The recommended treatment from Rumah Cantik Citra that becomes its signature is Body Massage. It is said that Rumah Cantik Citra’s Body Massage combines various techniques which are Japanese shiatsu, Thai massage and Hawaiian Lomilomi to calm and pamper the body. The description sounds tempting so I chose to enjoy Body Massage during my visit at Rumah Cantik Citra. After registering at the front desk, I was asked to wait for a moment when the therapist was preparing the treatment room. While waiting, my skin condition was checked using skin analyzer machine. The machine showed me the grade of my skin pigmentation, moisture and elasticity. Not long after the skin check, I was called and guided to the treatment room.

At first, my feet were soaked in warm water that was added with lime and peppermint, then they’re scrubbed and washed. Before starting to massage the therapist pull my hands and feet on by one, gently but successfully stretch them. The massage didn’t involve too much pressure but it was quite relaxing. The therapist used Citra body lotion to smoothen the massage. As a body lotion, it’s quickly absorbed into my skin and didn’t leave my skin sticky. However, the smell of Citra body lotion still lingered until about an hour after the treatment.

I could sense that the massage technique and movement were a bit different than the usual Javanese massage or those conducted by Mbok pijet. I can say that the combination of Japanese shiatsu, Thai massage and Hawaiian Lomilomi in Rumah Cantik Citra’s Body Massage worked. The 45 minutes of treatment felt quite relaxing and left me feeling sleepy during and after the treatment.

Do you have any experience in Rumah Cantik Citra? Mind to share us your opinion?