Dianna Agron’s Hairstyle Transformation

I think Dianna Agron’s shiny blond hair must be one of the most perfect hair I’ve ever seen. It really suited her cheerleader image in Glee. But perhaps that’s because I don’t really follow her life outside the TV show, so I don’t really known what her real style is like.

So it’s a bit of a shock for me when she chopped her hair short a couple of months back after Season 2 of Glee wrapped up. But she looks so fresh and carefree that I even forget how she looked when she had her locks long. It gives a really nice change to her cheerleader image in Glee. Having my hair recently cut short myself I can tell you that it not only just brings a fresh change in my hair style but also to my style as a whole. So anyone planning to cut their hair short, don’t be afraid to do it. Just take the plunge, after all it’s only hair and it will grow back :)

Most recently though, Dianna Agron really took the makeover seriously and dip-dyed her hair pink! Not the pink that you’ll see on Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj that somehow look not so believable in a normal person. It’s more of a fun pink that shows the I-don’t-care-about-what-anyone-thinks-look. It matches her fair skin perfectly and she looks like she’s really having fun with it, especially in the image below where she’s also wearing a pinkish red sunglasses. I don’t know if after a while that this look will still seem ‘fun’ or too much. But thumbs up for her effort in trying to look different. Every once in a while we do need a change. But I do hope that this look doesn’t stay for too long though :)

What about you? Have you done something crazy with your hair? I would love to hear what’s the craziest hair style you’ve ever had?