What’s Your Opinion on Cosmetic Surgery?

Apparently Kate Winslet is very opinionated on the above mentioned subject. Along with her good friends, Emma Thompson and Rachel Weisz, they will be forming what she called ‘British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League‘ because she said that such practices “go against my morals”. While we share the same sentiment with Emma Thompson when she expressed her distaste for the constant quest for youth by many older women, as stated at the Guardian, because some celebrities have gone under the knife for too many times, but we wonder whether we need to go to the extreme measure to completely say no to cosmetic surgery?

Evidently, plastic surgery addiction is not only for the mature women. The pressure to look perfect posed by many Hollywood celebrities have made many young people cop out and decide to undergo the procedure, again and again, in search of perfection.

Take Heidi Montag for example, when she started at The Hills I found nothing wrong with her. Sure she’s not perfect, but who needs perfection anyway? She looks gorgeous, in her own way. But apparently she has undergone no less than ten procedures! The image put at the Hufftington Post of her before and after image put this whole issue in an alarming state of how some people could go that far looking for perfection. Can you see how differently she looks after the procedures?

Image Credit: Hufftington Post

You know who else I’ve just recently found out have undergone major image change because of plastic surgery? None other than the gorgeous Megan Fox. If you Google her before and after plastic surgery image, you’ll know what I mean.

I myself wouldn’t go as far as saying that I would completely say no to cosmetic surgery. Just recently, my mom just did an eye lift surgery to take out the nasty eye bags that she got from her age. I see that image-wise nothing much changed, she just looks less tired on the eye area. I would say, if ever I’ll be at the stage where I’ve gotten those nasty eye bags, I really wouldn’t mind an eye lift procedure. I think I’m okay for a little procedure but not a major one where it can really change your facial feature and make you smile in the most unnatural way :)

What about you? What do you say about cosmetic surgery?