Fashion Show for a Bestfriend

Among the numerous Muslim attire fashion show held recently, I guess Itang Yunasz‘s fashion show titled “East To Middle East” was the most sentimental. It is because the fashion show wasn’t only about showcasing the latest collection, but it also became a tribute for a best friend. Actually, Itang hadn’t planned to hold any big fashion show as his previous fashion show last year because he had much work to do. However, he felt moved by Robbie Tumewu’s condition who struggled to recover from a recent stroke. Together with some other friends who called themselves 3S (Sahabat Setia Selamanya), Itang planned the fashion show. All the money generated at the event, from selling fashion show invitations and the attires, would be donated to Robbie.

Even at the show you could feel the intimate atmosphere and some of the models were Itang’s friends who were popular during the 80s such as Enny Soekamto, Andang Gunawan and Etty Djody. More interestingly, they werere also accompanied with their daughters. The guests, mostly came from Itang’s circle of friends, who were free to say hi and interacted with the models they knew.

Robbie Tumewu surrounded by his bestfriends from 3S, which are Andang Gunawan, Andre Rais, Enny Soekamto, Etty Djody, Evi Aday, Fatie B. Soetrisno, Hangky Tandayu, Indra Sobiran, Itang Yunasz, Ivan Mahendra, Jule Sumendap, Luly T. Saad, Nisje Y Bayumi, and Winnie P Soetowo.

After talking about the story behind this fashion show, now let’s jump to the fashion show itself. The collection was infused with a touch of Middle East on Indonesian Muslim wear. Various style of clothing in “East To Middle East” may inspire any Muslim fashion fan. The tunic, gamis (long dress), asymmetrical kaftan, jodhpur pants, and the headcovering; they will make the wearer look polished without being too much. It is because Itang really understands where the details are necessary to be applied  so the clothes don’t look busy. He used considerate amount of beads and hand-embroidery. For the fabric, he chose chiffon silk, shantung, silk crepe, linen and Parisian cotton to create light and flowing appearance although the clothes are layered. Not to forget, Itang also designed several pieces of men Muslim wear by experimenting on jelabah, long tunics and loose kaftan. Here they are, some of the looks from Itang Yunasz “East to Middle East” fashion show: