Kebaya Encim That Will Refresh Our Closet

When you read the title above, you might be wondering, “how can a piece of kebaya encim refresh our closet?”. Because in general, kebaya encim is likely designed with similar pattern and typical embroidery. So let’s meet Nushi from our local label, JVSTIFY, who gives you a fresh take on kebaya encim. At the time when I spotted Nushi, I think I’d call it love at first sight.

There are several reasons why I fell in love with Nushi pieces. First, Nushi kebaya has unique pattern.  It is created from a deconstructed pattern of kebaya encim that is sewed to a loose white chiffon. My second reason is that Nushi has unique embroidery too. Unlike most kebaya encim that is detailed with floral embroidery, Nushi added the images of dragon so it becomes extraordinary. Last but not least, Nushi tells you a tale. The designer’s inspiration comes from  Yufone Nushi, a Japanese dragon that craves for human flesh. Once a year, the dragon demands a maiden to be scarified for him.

The designer thinks that Nushi shares the same time-span of celebration as Ramadan. Both Nushi‘s feast and Ramadan festivity happen once a year. I agree with the idea of releasing the product during Ramadan. Nushi will help you to look covered and modest in the holy month. Moreover, you can also wear it for various occasions after Ramadan is over.

Nushi comes in 3 choices of colors: pink and white, purple and white, tosca and white. Don’t worry whether Nushi will fit you or not because it is available in various sizes. Interested to give it a try? You can adopt yours for Rp. 675,000 at The Goods Dept, Plaza Indonesia.