Which Bag to Wear With Your Eid Outfit?

If you’ve already picked your lebaran outfit, next in line is what bag to bring?

I remember when I still spend my the first day of Lebaran in Jakarta I would go around to the houses of my family, relatives and acquaintances wearing my new outfit. Usually I will pick a more dressier-looking bag and the common choice would be clutch. But I found clutch hard to handle because during these visit you would go around talking with people and most of the times with yummy food in your hands :)

I like bag that is not too big but also have top handle or small shoulder straps, but I also have clutches on my pick as well.

  1. Ciciero Valerie ash gold Rp 230,000
  2. Mango shopper handbag
  3. Zara clutch bag with flap Rp 1,299,000
  4. Zara patent leather bag Rp 800,000
  5. Mayonette two tone bag Rp 180,000