10 for 10 Winners Announced!

Now the time to announce the winner of 10 for 10 has finally come. It’s very hard for us to decide the winners but we’ve come with the six names after a long contemplation. All of us at Female Daily ourselves have to go through the challenge, so we know how difficult it is to push ourselves to actually finish the challenge. Most of the people I talked to who joined the challenge said that the hardest thing to do is actually taking the picture of the outfit every single day, uploading it to the thread and limited choice of shoes that you can wear.

At the end of the challenge, many of us here at the office crave to wear new clothes. So we ended up spending our monthly shopping budget on new clothes that week :)

To refresh you memory, below are the prizes for the winners of 10 for 10:

  1. 1st Prize Winner: IDR 1 million Mango Gift Card and Mango Bag with IDR 1,999 million value.
  2. 2nd, 3rd and 4th Prize Winner: Mango Bag with IDR 499,000 value and an accessory from Mango.
  3. 5th and 6th Prize Winner: Mango Bag with IDR 499,000 value.

Without much further ado, the winners of the 10 for 10 challenge are:

  1. 1st Prize winner: SergeantKero
  2. 2nd Prize Winner: Bebelicious
  3. 3rd Prize Winner: Cheapandpepper
  4. 4th Prize Winner: Ketupatkartini
  5. 5th Prize Winner: Marcie
  6. 6th Prize Winner: Kokoya

We’re so proud of everyone that have successfully finished the challenge. What do you think are the biggest hurdle in finishing the challenge? Also what have we learned from taking up the challenge?

If you would like to see other entries from the 10 for 10 challenge, you can go to the sub-forum. Even though now the challenge has finished, I think there’s nothing wrong with taking up another 10 for 10 challenge once in a while so that we can be creative in wearing the items that we already have.

We would like to thank everyone who have participated in the challenge. I hope you all had fun :)

Our biggest thank you for Mango Indonesia who have kindly provided the prizes.

As for the winners, please don’t forget to email us your detail to contest@fashionesedaily.com and use ’10 for 10 Winner’ as the subject of your email. Due to the Eid holidays, we will only process the shipment of your prizes after Lebaran.