Up2Date Fashionable Muslim Clothing For Year-Long Supply

When Ramadan is getting near, fashion shows presenting Muslim attires are often held including the one from Up2date. It was the first Muslim fashion show I attendeded so it became quite memorable for me. Actually, what makes the fashion show memorable were the stylish and wearable pieces from Up2date that layered and created a whole nice appearance.

Even before the fashion show started, I couldn’t stop admiring how stylish the MCs were in Up2date. The harem pants, the gamis (long lean dress), the outerwear, each piece they wore was appealing with pastel colors. More importantly, they could be worn separately and become smart fashion investment you can wear all year long, not only during fasting month or Idul Fitri only.

The MCs in Up2date fashion show

The fashion show was themed “Chic Reflection” featuring layering, drape, flare and asymmetric silhouette. Various colors in “Chic Collection” will make them easy to be mix and matched, ranging from pastel colors to basic earthy tones. Last but not least, Up2date combined various materials that are light and comfortable such as jersey, spandex, silk crepe, chiffon and satin.

What do you think? Don’t you want to start hunting these items one by one and build a chic yet wearable collection from Up2date?

The fashion show:

Photos of the fashion show courtesy of Up2date