The Perfect Hair is Not That Far Away

Whatever type of hair you have, women always want the perfect hair. That shiny, healthy-looking hair that is glossy and sleek and moving around ever so fluidly and bouncy. Although we realize that it might not really exists in real life but it won’t stop us from trying since we always want what we can’t have. Here are some tips from us to achieve that perfect looking hair:

  1. Choose a shampoo that suits your hair condition. You can tell the condition of your hair by looking at the strand and scalp; normal, dry or damage. After washing your hair, never forget to use conditioner from the same range. It only takes 1 minute to give you the perfect achievable hair. Always use conditioner religiously because it will nourish your hair, lavishing every strands with nutrients and close down the cuticles so your hair’s surface will be able to reflect shine! Conditioner will also soften your hair thus minimizing friction that may causes breakage when you brush them. Conditioner won’t make your hair thin and lifeless, if you use it the right way. Apply conditioner from midway to the end of hair strands only, and never on the scalp. There are eight variants of Sunsilk haircare that you can choose from. If you crave for the perfect shiny black hair, opt for Sunsilk Black Shine with Urang Aring and Pearl Complex to wash away all the dirt and at the same time coating it with the nutrient to give a black shiny finish to the hair. While for you hairfall sufferer, why don’t you try Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution system?
  2. Use cold water at the end of your shower to rinse off the residue of shampoo and conditioner so your hair is perfectly clean. Cold water helps to seal off the hair follicles so the surface of your hair’s shaft will remain flat. This will help your hair to reflect the light so that your hair looks shiny. While if you’re using warm water, no matter how comfortable it feels, it will not only rinse off the shampoo and conditioner residue from your hair, but also the natural oils that is essential to your hair.
  3. Towel dry your hair gently. Don’t rub your hair with the towel harshly because it can cause damage to hair structure, which results in breakage! Just pat it slowly and wrap it around your head for a couple of minutes.
  4. Pamper your hair by smoothing in some leave on conditioner or serum such as the Sunsilk Damage Hair Treatment Serum at the ends of the hair, after Shampoo and Conditioner. Doing this regularly, especially if you’re a novice hairdryer and other styling tools users, will not only repair the damage in your hair, but also protect them from future breaks.
  5. Afterward you can continue with styling product that also offers protection to your hair. First you can apply Damage Hair Treatment Serum with Olive Nutri Complex to protect your hair from heat styling products such as hair ironing or blow dry. It will cover your hair strand by strand thus will make hair shinier. The best part about this serum is that it doesn’t have that sticky feeling. If you have a wavy or curly hair, afterward put Curling Mousse from Sunsilk Bouncy Curls that has Hydro Acacia Complex in it to nourish the hair and put on bouncy body to your waves and curls so it looks livelier and stays in place. Whereas if you have a straight hair style you can use the Staightening Serum from Sunsilk Straight and Sleek to keep your tresses in control. If  black shiny hair is what you want, then choose Sunsilk Black Shine Leave on Conditioner that keeps your hair healthy looking, shiny and protect your hair under the sun. You can replenish the leave on as much as you like to keep the shine all through the day.
  6. Finally, to achieve the perfect hair treat yourself once in a while with hair mask. This treatment is also the key to relaxation, both for you and your beautiful hair.  For weekly treatment, you can always pick up Sunsilk Damage Hair Treatment if your hair is dry and damaged or Hair Fall Solution Hair Mask if your hair suffers from hair fall to give your hair that relaxing 3 minutes it deserves. Choose the product that best suit your need. Your hair will thank you.

Follow these simple steps and the road to perfect hair is not that far away.