How I Reward Myself After 10 for 10

Now that everyone has finished their 10 for 10 challenge, how are you going to reward yourself?

10 for 10 started as an idea to challenge ourselves to select only 10 items from our wardrobe and wear them for 10 straight days. This challenge does not only show what the essential items are in our wardrobe and be creative on how we wear what we already have, but also show us some new ways to mix and match our stuff. However, it has left me crave for something new after for 10 days straight wearing the same item, over and over again. I really needed a new wardrobe to reward myself because I have completed the challenge successfully.

It might have been just my lucky day because when I checked out Deal Keren, they have MAP voucher sold for Rp 25,000 while the actual value of the voucher is Rp 50,000. As luck would have it, a green skirt that I wanted in Zara is slashed down to Rp 239,000 from Rp 700,000+. So when I paid for my new skirt with my Rp 200,000 voucher in value, I actually only paid for Rp 100,000 in voucher and Rp 39,000 in cash. My skirt came down to Rp 139,000, thanks to Deal Keren for that really good bargain.

That MAP voucher, and other generous vouchers are usually sold out in just a matter of hours. Thankfully, I’ve kept myself updated by joining their mailing list so I know right away when a new deal just popped up. If you don’t want to miss out on opportunities like this, don’t forget to register your email to their mailing list.

In the spirit of trying all things new for celebrating my 10 for 10 completion, I also grabbed two other fantastic promo from Deal Keren. One of the deals I picked up because I was lured by Lita who, in the middle of the day, kept talking about the tempting ribs displayed on the site of Tortuga. Mind you, I was fasting that day so I immediately hit the buy button. That, and also another deal for Brussels Spring because I had been dreaming of the perfect dessert.

The good thing about getting daily deals from Deal Keren is that, they updated their site everyday so there’s bound to be new deal everyday. Most importantly, their representative is actively engaged in our forum. Should I have any question at all, I know where to chase them.

What about you? Have you tried getting any deals from Deal Keren? If not, what are you waiting for? Visit Deal Keren and experience infinite possibility of new things at a good deal. After all, who doesn’t love a good deal?