Discover the Secret to Crystal Clear Skin With SK-II

It is without doubt that SK-II is one of the most famous Japanese skincare brands ever heard. Famous with their trademarked ingredient Pitera that has been known to put magic into the skin of many women worldwide. SK-II has been around for 31 years, over that period of time the only thing that is constant in this brand is the formulation of Facial Treatment Essence or widely known as the ‘Miracle Water‘ that contains 90% Pitera. Although the Facial Treatment Essence formula itself never changed for the last 31 years, but the scientists at SK-II never stop to innovate new products to complement the work of this product. One of the thinsg that I learn is that Pitera helps boosting the work of Hyaluronic Acid that is known to be really moisturizing.

What is Pitera really? A few weeks ago, the media were taken to a make shift ‘Museum Pitera‘ to know more about this magic ingredient and the brand at the Ballroom of Four Season Hotel. Pitera is a liquid that is formulated naturally through the fermentation process of yeast. It contains various vitamins, mineral, amino acid and organic acid that is naturally contained within our skin, thus stimulating the regeneration of our skin naturally and making it look crystal clear.

If you’re curious about the story of Pitera and SK-II, worry not because ‘Museum Pitera’ would come to Senayan City on 24-28 August 2011. Discover more about the secret behind crystal clear skin that many celebrities have vouch for, including Cate Blanchett and Susan Bachtiar among others.

Museum Pitera consist of seven room:

  1. Room 1: Origin of Pitera. It tells the story where the SK-II scientists were inspired by the Toji (Japanese Sake maker). Pitera was found over years of research where they’ve gone through 350 types of yeast and various fermentation result from this yeast.
  2. Room 2: What is Pitera. In this room you will see what Pitera is and what’s contained within this magic ingredient that make up its composition.
  3. Room 3: How Pitera is made. Shows how Pitera is created, capturing the six steps of yeast fermentation that leads to the ‘Secret Key’ to a crystal clear skin.
  4. Room 4: Hall of Fame. Line all the seven benefits of Facial Treatment Essence and the awards it has received over the years since it was first produced in 1980.
  5. Room 5: Loyal user study showcase. Shows the result of the study on SK-II loyal users and how using this skincare have changed and help their skin to younger and healthy looking one.
  6. Room 6: Wall of Fame. Shows the various SK-II brand ambassadors and their testimonial of the result from wearing this line for years.
  7. Room 7: Product Milestones – 31 years of innovations. Shows the innovation of SK-II over the period of 31 years.

So if you’re interested to know more about this product, be sure to visit Senayan City and learn the secret to have that beautiful looking skin like Cate Blanchett. SK-II is also currently having a special trial package called the Essence Set consisting of Facial Treatment Essence (75ml), Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 40ml and one piece of Facial Treatment Mask for only Rp 549,000.