Unique & Stylish Ways in Wearing Hijab

After witnessing the fashion show from Square hijab, now I understand why this label gains its popularity in our forum. Square successfully proves that women with hijab can look fashionable when creativity is used.

For this year’s Idul Fitri, Square released its new collection with various light colors such as turquoise, blue, purple and beige to resemble the colors of water, sea foam and sand. The colors were chosen because they are flexible enough to be combined with other colors of the outfit. They are also dedicated for broader skin tones, from fair to dark skin tone.

Square created several designs of hijab inner that match and frame various shape of face. With the design, veiling becomes more practical, but also support the different face feature. The new collection consists of some series: Orchid (hijab inner that is pleated at forehead area), Arabian ciput (hijab inner that covers head and neck area), Square ciput (hat-like hijab inner) and Persian inner (hat-like hijab inner that is pleated in forehead area). Besides those series, Square also developed the innovation of 2-in-one hijab which is the product that joins hijab inner and the hijab itself so the application will be easier. The whole collection are meant to free personal style in adapting the latest trend.

From among the collection, these two styles of hijab were my most favorite because they involved unique detail:


These design below are also interesting with simpler detail but still look attractive: