An All Around Tote Bag From Mayonette

A couple of weeks ago, we stumbled upon this website called Mayonette because Rizka alerted us about it. I must say, I regret my decision of opening the website because they have so many bags that I don’t really need but I suddenly tried to find excuses to get them.

In the heat of the moment, Affi and I decided to put the Olivia Totes in Yellow to our shopping cart because after the whole office discovered the site, we just knew that the competition would become really tight. We thought, it’s one purchase we wouldn’t really regret if it turns out not as good as the picture because the bag only cost Rp 180,000.

For the next couple of days we were waiting impatiently until the day Mr. Postman came knocking to our door. When it finally came to our lap, we couldn’t be happier to see the real thing because it’s just as good as the displayed picture. The yellow colour is true to the one shown on the screen. They also show the ostrich-like detail on the yellow part of the bag. What I love about this bag is that although it wouldn’t come close to the real deal, Celine Bi-Cabas, but it doesn’t look cheap either. The synthetic leather looks supple and slouches in a nice way. The finishing is neat and the hardware has a nice gold shine. Definitely one of my best purchases!

The good thing about this bag is that it’s so roomy and because it’s a tote I can just throw everything inside! However, I must note that there were some minus points too. For example, the straps are quite small so you might want to avoid filling it up till it’s very heavy, otherwise, I’m pretty sure this bag will be ruined easily. So it’s not the most durable bag you could find, but for that price, I don’t really expect it to.

It also comes in five other different variety of colours.

You should also check their bags section for other designer-inspired bags at very reasonable price. Although Mayonette also have Twitter account, it seems they seldom update it. But you might want to follow them to keep up to date with their latest product.