When Celebs Meet Fashion

Beside their routine such as acting in movies or becoming model in various commercials, some celebrities might need to train their business instinct; or maybe they just want to explore something new for them. Fashion is the right choice as those public figures need to look fashionable almost anytime. Here they are, Indonesian celebrities that just started their steps in the world of fashion:

Sandra Dewi Launches Her Own Jewelry Line

Recently on her birthday, Sandra Dewi announced that she celebrated the big day by launching her jewelry line. According to Sandra, the idea to start the business came up as she loves to wear jewelry. Her friends even give compliment to the jewelry she chooses. Therefore she thought, “Why don’t I start designing and selling jewelry?” Anyway, for Sandra the idea wasn’t easy to be realized. It takes time, courage and of course, big investment.

Finally, her jewelry line was launched. It is named Sandra Dewi Secret Garden available on www.sandradewiworld.com. The jewelry from Sandra Dewi Secret Garden is made of the best quality silver, which is 9025 silver because Sandra herself is allergic to certain material in jewelry. The label offers charm bracelets, necklaces and earrings that are designed by Sandra Dewi herself.

For now, the label has several themes for its collection which are Love, Summer and Animal.The items can be purchased online from the website since Sandra collaborates with Rakuten. For us who live in Jakarta, we can check out the collection in Orori, Grand Indonesia Shopping Town but still, we need to order it online if we want to buy any. A little bit of patience is needed if we want to make any checkout. Even though we order the jewelry today, Sandra Dewi Secret Garden will start shipping on August 15.


Rio Dewanto Becomes The First Celebrity Stylist for Lee Cooper

Rio Dewanto and Suharti Sadja, marketing manager of PT Lee Cooper Indonesia

First thing that must be clear, what  does celebrity stylist mean? Celebrity stylist is a chosen celebrity to create looks, composed of his/her desired pieces from the brand’s collection. In this case, Rio Dewanto chose the apparels that he likes from Lee Cooper‘s Autumn Winter 2011-2012 “Vanity in The UK“, then he did the mix-match from those apparels to create 8 looks that reflect his personal style.

“Vanity In The UK” is a collection inspired by indie boys in London, who are free to express their style through their clothes. Their style is a composition of 80’s fashion meet indie rock band influence and graphic elements. Biker jacket, skinny jeans and printed T-shirt are the clothing the usually wear. When he was asked which look he liked the most from among the 8 looks from “Vanity in The UK” he chose the look where he wears dark indigo denim jacket and jeans with grey T-shirt beneath the jacket.

Now it’s understandable why Rio is chosen by Lee Cooper. Besides his charisma and talent in acting, Rio is a stylish celebrity who expresses his personality into his clothing. “Lee Cooper’s DNA matches Rio’s,” said Suharti Sadja, marketing manager of PT Lee Cooper Indonesia. Being asked what he hopes from his role as celebrity stylist, Rio replied “I want this to go further, hopefully my contract with Lee Cooper would be extended and I want to be involved in creating the design too.”