Dave Hendrik: Look Good, Feel Good & Do Good

Do you follow Indonesian celebrities’ Twitter accounts? If you are among Dave Hendrik‘s Twitter followers (@davehendrik), from now on, you’d better read his tweet more carefully so you won’t miss any exciting opportunities. Keep reading to find out how!

In the middle of his busy life, Dave Hnedrik tries to spread positive things with his Twitter followers through a content named #diarydave. In #diarydave, Dave shares this philosophy “Look Good – Feel Good – Do Good” which are 3 things he likes to do to enjoy life. When many other public figures simply share stories through their Twitter account, Dave runs #diarydave as a means to meet his followers in person. This is Dave’s commitment to better know the community that has always supported his career: the modern woman aged 28-45 years throughout Indonesia. As a form of his commitment, Dave also tries to provide various activities for his followers such as holding culinary tour together, visiting their workplace and also going to the salon together.

Last activity held is to invite Dave Hendrik’s follower to experience the hair coloring treatment from Matrix Indonesia. Dave invited one person among his followers, then the chosen person got the chance to invite two friends to celebrate the moment of friendship. Together, the three lucky people enjoyed the service from Matrix Indonesia. It is Matrix newest collection, Extra Chocolate that is used for the treatment. Dave chose a woman named Dian with twitter account @joy_dian who are preparing her wedding for upcoming November. “Thanks to Dave Hendrik, me and my two friends had a great time today, getting great hair color from the Matrix Indonesia as well as treatment and hair cut” Dian commented on the experience. She was also preparing her pre-wedding photo shoot the next week after the treatment.

For Dave, stories and happy smile from his followers provide a boost of energy for him. Therefore, #diarydave will be continued with various programs. “Each moment has a special meaning. When we smile for what we have today, we will give more meaning to the past and not afraid to achieve my goals in the future” said Dave.