The Magic of Cucumber for Beauty

Living in a country with such a rampant heat, cucumber is really a treat for the skin if you know what to use them for other than eating it as lalap :D Cucumber is not just healthy vegetable to eat, or pretty decoration for your meal or salad, but it also has many benefits for our skin.

Cucumbers are known to have very high water content. It contains ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and known for its content of minerals such as silica, potassium and magnesium. It is also famous for its cooling and refreshing feel.

So here are what you can do with cucumber beyond eating them.

1. Slice & Use It For Puffy Eyes

Slice up the cucumber thinly and put one slice of cucumber on each side of your eyes as an eye mask to decrease puffy eyes. Its high water content and cooling sensation will relax your puffy eyes. Lay down and relax in your bed for around 10 minutes while you’re using this cucumber eye patch.

If you’re using packaged mask, look for eye mask that contains cucumber in its ingredient.

2. Home Made Remedies for Blemish

A mixture of equal part of cucumber juice, rosewater and 70% alcohol proven to effectively treat blemishes.

3. Grate It To Make A Face Mask

Cucumber has been said to have a brightening and lightening effect as well as improving the complexion of your face. Put the cucumber into a grater and use it on your whole face and neck for 15 minutes to achieve glowing and healthy looking complexion. Even if you only want to rejuvenate your skin after a very tiring day, this will be the perfect mask to reach for.

For dull complexion, mix the grated cucumber with rose water and lemon juice. Don’t make it too watery or else you won’t be able to use it as a mask.

If you’re not into home made remedies, look for a face pack that contains cucumber and rose water.

4. Use It To Treat Sunburns

It’s no secret that cucumber is famous for their cooling effect, therefore if you feel that you’ve been out in the sun for too long and start to experience zsunburns you can put up sliced cucumber in that area to speed up the healing process. It’s even better if the cucumber comes straight out of the¬†refrigerator.

Do you have any beauty products that contains cucumber? How do you like them and what are they for?