Reversible Waterfall Jacket from Unique Horn

One of the things I learned from the 10 for 10 challenge is that a good outerwear is really a key item you have to own in your wardrobe. Not only that you can use it as a cover up for your sleeveless dresses and tops but it can also transform your whole look according to the style of your outerwear.

I’ve been eyeing for the Unique Horn Waterfall Jacket ever since Hanzky and Vanya bought one at Bazaar Citos, but I haven’t got time to visit Citos yet. But then I come across their Flickr page and found the crop version instead.

The good thing about this waterfall jacket is that it’s completely reversible so that you already have a jacket in two neutral colours. White and beige is two tones that are versatile and you can make them work with everything. I’ve tried the one that Vanya bought already. Since it’s made from chiffon, even though the jacket is reversible, but it doesn’t feel heavy at all. It also doesn’t fall awkward on your body at all since the material is really lightweight. The 2 Sided Waterfall Horn shown at the picture above is available in two sizes S and M and priced at Rp 240,000.

You should also check their special collection for Hari Raya if you’re already in the look for baju lebaran.

To order Unique Horn collection you can email them at or text to +62818912752, see more detailed instruction at their Flickr Page. You can also reach them @Unique_horn if you want a timely response.