Blisters Free Happy Feet

It’s always annoying when you’re having blisters, but in a woman’s life it’s almost impossible to avoid them. Especially when you’re an avid heels wearer. Blisters often feels burning and it hurts down to the bones because they’re filled with fluid. What make it even worse is that, often we need to stay on our two feet with heels the whole day!

There are many factors that cause blisters, but among many the two most common one are:

  1. Shoes that don’t fit perfectly well with your feet and thus don’t follow the contour of your feet perfectly as well as move in sync with them when you walk. Thus they lack in support that your feet need when you walk. The solution of course is as simple as choosing the right shoes that fit you. But we seldom choose shoes because their fit right? Most likely it’s because of their style.
  2. Shoes that don’t perfectly fit your feet will most likely create more friction which most of the time lead to blisters. To reduce the friction between your shoes and the skin on your feet you can use petroleum jelly on the area of your feet that are sensitive or foot powder all over the feet to keep them dry.

If you have blisters it’s actually best to leave it alone because it’s one of your body’s natural defense against injury. But here are three simple steps to treat your blisters:

  1. Clean the blisters regularly with alcohol or just wipe and treat it with blisters medication.
  2. Don’t put band-aid around the blisters when you’re at home because if you allow the blisters to breathe it will heal much faster.
  3. If you have to wear shoes, after you put on a barrier cream or blisters medication put a band-aid on it so it gets protected from any further friction with the shoes.

Hopefully these tips will help you live with blisters free life :)