What Bra to Wear Under Sheer Top?

There are times when women want to wear bright colored or catchy printed bras. But there must be some occasion when we don’t want our bras to show through our top.

For such case, finding the right bra to be worn underneath sheer top or T-shirt might be confusing. Some women might get trapped in the myth instructing to wear white bra underneath white T-shirt, some might be advised to wear beige bra when wearing sheer top. Not all women know that the perfect shade to hide the bra line under sheer top is the one closest to your skin tone. It’s kinda similar with our advice to find the right shade of your foundation, isn’t it? :D

Now the problem can be solved with the help of La Senza Skin Tone. That newest collection from La Senza has 3 different colors to suit various women skin colors. They are Rose Tan, Rich Brown and Camel Brown. Rose Tan is the lightest shade of La Senza Skin Tone. Actually, this color has been available for a long time as core color of all La Senza collections besides black. When releasing each collection, La Senza bras come in playful colors and print, and also come with these core colors.

Now with the launching of La Senza Skin Tone, La Senza is adding more core colors, Rich Brown and Camel Brown. Rich Brown is the darkest tone among all. Even when Rich Brown doesn’t suit your skin tone, it is still fashionable to wear it since the shade is quite unique and elegant. Last but not least, Camel Brown is the medium color that seems to suit most of Indonesian women skin tone. I myself chose this shade. It blends well with my skin tone. When I tried to wear it under my shirt, and I couldn’t see any lines from my bra at all.

According to La Senza’s representative,  La Senza Skin Tone is now being released only as market trial. It means that in few weeks, La Senza will examine the market result of its Skin Tone collection, then make a decision whether they will continue producing La Senza Skin Tone or not. Indonesia are among the three lucky countries where La Senza Skin Tone is released, besides United Arab Emirates and Canada. Indonesia is chosen because it represent the diversity of Asian women skin colors, and also because the sales of La Senza Body Kiss in Indonesia hits the highest point.

Besides having 3 different colors, La Senza Skin Tone also has 3 different types of bra: Body Kiss, So Free and Hello Sugar. Body Kiss promises to be your most comfortable bra since the underwire part of the bra is covered with cushion. So Free also promises comfort to its wearer, especially for women with big cup size since it has wide straps and no padding. If you’re looking for a push-up bra with maximum impact, then Hello Sugar is the best type for you because it is the thickest push-up bra that La Senza has.

Have you pictured the most suitable La Senza Skin Tone bra for you, regarding of its color and its type? If you haven’t, why don’t you come and try the bra at the nearest La Senza Store. Since we still don’t know whether La Senza Skin Tone will be discontinued or not, I suggest you to try the bra as soon as possible. Or, you can be a fan of La Senza Indonesia Facebook Fanpage or Twitter follower to keep you updated with any info and tips from La Senza.