Tulisan, More Than Just Beautiful Writing

Tulisan has been a local brand that seems to be the talk of the town lately. It offers limited edition graphic prints for those who love fresh prints and handmade creations and everywhere I go, I spot a woman toting one of these bags with the easily recognizable print. Curious how those masterpieces were created, Deszelll and I made a visit to Tulisan workshop located at Jl. Tirtayasa IV No. 33, South Jakarta.

It is a homey white vintage colonial house full of impressive detail, just like Tulisan items itself. Melissa Sunjaya, the person behind Tulisan, took us on a tour in her grandmother’s house and shared her story. Family plays an important role to shape Melissa’s desire to establish Tulisan. Her grandma was a dressmaker who showed her the process of creating things like sewing and quilting. Not to forget, Melissa’s mother is a home decorator whom with Melissa collaborates with in building up Tulisan project.

She was introduced and taught calligraphy by her father so she’s able to sketch with calligraphy strokes. As a big fan of typography, Melissa draws and writes her design by hands. She also shares the same passion with her father which is photography. Melissa designs are inspired much by various details she captured during her travel, such as iron-cast ventilation grills, quirky shapes of botanical specimens, faded colors of vintage stamps or fine handwritten scripts on old postcards. No wonder Tulisan items are so rich in details.

Not only that, each collection and design that Melissa created has its own story. When you buy any of the products, you will also get the attached story completed with the illustration. That’s how the name of Tulisan emerged; Melissa always starts a collection with short stories as the groundwork of her design. So you’ll get not only the beautiful design, but also get lost in the story too.

Melissa has delivered numbers of collections such as those titled Amma Supahilo, Delightfully Yours, Mrs. Picklenuts, to the newest one Sound of Dawn and Hotel Batavia. New item is launched every week, while new theme or story is born every month. Each product design is produced in limited amount, around 36 to 50 items. Tulisan has a lot to offer, ranging from tote bags to carry your everyday essentials, atelier box that’s roomy enough for your laptop and files, beach bags, toy bags, pouches, aprons, cushion covers, tea towels to  stationery.

What are you waiting for? Go to Tulisan website and I’m sure you’ll find something or a story that speaks to you. You also see the pictures below to see some of her latest collection.