Five Beauty Myths Debunked!

Myths, beauty related or often misleading.. Sometimes there’s an explanation behind it. A more simple one. Like when your parents told you not to cut your nails at night it is simply because they don’t want you to accidentally cut into your skin. There’s really no mystical explanation behind it.

Here are five other beauty myths that often mislead us:

  1. When you have oily skin you don’t need to put on moisturizer. That is very wrong. Not putting on moisturizer will only deprive your skin from the hydration that it needs. Even oily skin needs to be hydrated. When your skin is lacking in moisture and eventually experiencing dehydration, it will produce even more sebum therefore making your skin look oilier on the surface but dehydrated inside the epidermis level. Choose a lighter formula moisturizer that is specifically target to oily skin, thus it will not make your face feel even more oilier.
  2. Makeup should be put on after the clothes, because they need to be colour coordinated. Which, according to our favourite makeup artist Darwyn Tse is so last decade. It doesn’t have to be all colour coordinated. You just need to make sure that the colours go well together and complement each other. You can choose colours that belong to the same colour spectrum.
  3. Trimming your hair often will make it grow faster. Which I still like to believe in. But like it or not, the rate of your hair growth is not determined by it’s length nor how often you trim it. It gives such illusion because usually after you have a hair makeover you pay close attention to your hair. It will however get rid of the split ends on your hair, thus making your hair look healthier.
  4. Wetting your lips will be enough to hydrate it. On the other hand, wetting your lips with your own saliva will only make it drier because your wet lips will trap even more bacteria. Use a hydrating lip balm that will be able to keep the moisture in your lips, look for moisturizing ingredient such as beeswax, shea butter, etc in the ingredient list. Avoid lip moisturizer that contains menthol or camphor because it can make your lips dry. If you wear lipstick, put on your lip moisturizer before you put on other makeup. That way by the time you put on your lipstick your lips is already moisturized enough.
  5. Get whiter skin using whitening or brightening skincare line in an instant. It’s a common knowledge that some Indonesian women do all they can to have fairer skin. But you can’t have a skin that is any whiter than the skin on the inside of you hand, because it’s the one that is visible to the eyes but also the one less exposed to the sun. It reflects your true skin colour. The chances are, if you can get it whiter than that, then is a hazard to your skin. Whitening and brightening skincare lines also take sometime to work, usually more than 28 days to show some effect and it takes maintaining too. Using sunscreen will help to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays that will make your skin darker.

So these are the beauty myths that I often hear. What other beauty myths that you often encounter? Or you even have one which you’re unsure whether they’re fact or myth?