The Cute and Tempting Red Shawl Dress

Many of us are still unable to watch Amanda Seyfried’s action in Red Riding Hood since the movie hasn’t been released yet in our country. But I believe we are familiar with the tale ever since we were kids. Has anyone of you tried to copy her style anyway? If you haven’t, as I never tried to dress like the character either, perhaps the time has come.

Red Riding Hood’s cape just gets its sibling. It comes up in more practical style but still owns the same cuteness as Red Riding Hood’s cape. Let’s meet red shawl jersey dress from Monday To Sunday. The dress looks comfortable since it is made of jersey. Although we haven’t tried whether the shawl can be worn as a hood or not, it is connected the dress in a nice way and it creates nice appearance from both from and back sides of the dress. In addition, the knee-length seam of the dress is also perfect; it isn’t too short, nor too long so you’ll look drowned.

The dress only comes in red. I guess it’s not a problem since red will make you stand out from the crowd. The red shawl jersey dress costs Rp. 325,000 and you can simply order it online from What do you think? Are you tempted to make a checkout? ;)