Colorful Transformation of Lace

What do we know about lace dress? We might have learned that black lace dress is a great choice to create classy and a bit mysterious look, while white or beige lace will result in sweet and innocent style. Now lace dresses seem to move one step ahead with more choices of colors. From Fall/ Winter 2011 and Resort 2012 collections, I found some designers who created such brilliant pieces from colorful lace.

Classy vintage mood suddenly emerged when I spotted Azzaro silver and gold lace dress. Still in soft hues, light blue green lace on Valentino long dress will transform any woman to look beautifully romantic. If you opt for something bold and edgy, you can go for Louise Vuitton style that involved vibrant navy and green lace dresses. Since the colors are bold already, it is understandable that the label designed the dresses with simple cutting.

Azzaro, Valentino


Louis Vuitton

Why go far when we have local designer who is as brilliant as international ones? From Sebastian Gunawan’s latest fashion show “Reflection of You” held in last June, I also spotted colorful lace turned into several styles of clothing. Here are some of them:

Sebastian Gunawan


What do you think ? Don’t you want to freshen up your wardrobe with such pieces?