The Chic & Playful Chloe EDP

One of the reasons why I love perfumes is because each creation not only has different notes, compositions and effect on your skin, but it also has a “personality”. Even perfumes from the same fragrance family can have vastly different personalities. For example, floral fragrances. There are so many different personalities of fragrances that usually have predominantly floral notes. There is soft and wispy floral, there is uber-feminine floral, there’s bold, heady and sensual floral. There’s also sunny, warm and playful floral.

If I have to describe my first impression of Chloe Eau de Parfum, I have to choose the latter. The opening notes of peony and lychee instantly brings you that unique and playful feminine character, which perhaps also best described Chloe as a fashion house. When it reaches the heart notes, the scent becomes richer with velvety rose, accompanied by heady magnolia and lily of the valley. But it never loses the freshness and I find the scent to still be upbeat all the way to the base. After about 2 hours, I was left with warm amber and cedarwood, also with a trail of the citrusy rose notes still lingering throughout the day.

I think Chloe is a very fun and easy to wear fragrance. Because of the crisp and airy opening, it’s perfect to be used during the day as you go about your daily business and the warmth of base notes will help you chill out as the day reaches the end. It’s never overpowering or cloying, it just radiates this playfulness that’s feminine but also a little edgy.

The bottle was designed by Patrick Veillet who drew on the intricate detail of the sleeve of a chloƩ blouse as the inspiration for the delicately pleated glass walls of the square flacon, graced with the finishing touch, a loosely knotted petal-colored ribbon. It looks so simple but so chic!

If you are into more seductive fragrances, you should try Chloe EDP Intense. This is not just a stronger version of Chloe EDP, but an altogether different scent. It revolves around the same rose heart but Chloe Intense is spicier, thanks to its pink pepper note, more seductive and daring. The sandalwood and tonka bean tinge this fragrance with oriental accents as well as making it more ‘grown up’ than the original Chloe EDP.

I also heard that other fragrance from this house, Love, Chloe will be launched in Indonesia at the end of this month. I’ve been reading some very positive reviews so I can’t wait to sniff this perfume!

Chloe Eau de Parfum retails for Rp. 995.000 (50ml) and Rp. 1.250.000 (100 ml) and can be purchased in Sogo Plaza Senayan.

So have you tried this fragrance? If you’re going near Plaza Senayan you should stop by at Sogo and sniff it. I’d like to know what you think of it. Also, follow us on Twitter, if you haven’t already because we’ll be giving away this lovely fragrance, and other Chloe perfumes, for the lucky ones!