Kate Spade & Poppy King’s Lip Collaboration

Kate Spade handbags and accessories have special place in the members of our beloved forum Female Daily. If you’re one of Kate Spade cult followers, you might find the brand’s next product launch to be interesting. Kate Spade makeup line is going to be launched on September which consists of a capsule lipstick collection in collaboration with Poppy King the founder of Lipstick Queen. We don’t know yet whether this line is going to be launched in Indonesia or not, but there’s always someone at Market Plaza who’s bound to open a purchase order on this product. The name is really hard to pronounce, Supercalifragilipstick is really too mouthful to say out loud but the good news is that they’re going to be priced at $24. Considering the quality of the lipstick produced by Lipstick Queen, I would say it’s a very reasonable price point.

The formula of the lipstick will be sheer because it seems that this appeal to a wider market. Although I myself prefer highly pigmented lipstick colour, I wouldn’t mind to get one myself for one those lipstick that I use daily. There’s always a new reason to get myself a new tube of lipstick! The collection will consist of four glosses and lipstick hybrid from this collection, namely Pop Art Pink, Bashful Blush, Fuchsia Fete and Adventorous Red.

Although the colour pay off is sheer but Poppy King said to WWD that the coverage of the lipstick is very smooth due to the formulation of microfine pigments and silk powders used in the lipstick.

The lipstick will also going to be sold at www.katespade.com.

Back to the name, I don’t know how it’s connected, but the name of the lipstick does remind of something. Yes, the famous Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious song from Mary Poppins!