Market Plaza Day the Report

What: Market Plaza Day

When: 16 and 17 July 2011

Where: Kemang Village


We’ve been thinking about making an offline activity related to the always active and busy Market Plaza section in our forum. A bazaar or garage sale is what we’ve been having in mind for so long. But still recovering from the FD Garden Party event and time was pressing because Ramadhan was nearing, we set ourselves a target after the FD Garden Party event to make this happen. And yes we did it! Although we would like to make something in a larger scale but we thought we better keep this one small-ish because it was our first attempt and we needed to test the water. Of course, it’s only natural that the name of the event is ‘Market Plaza Day’.

We also wanted to make some workshop in conjunction with Market Plaza Day and we thought why not bring in FD Kelas Dandan and Hijab Workshop back since we have so many positive responses the last time we held the event. So on the first day, we had two session of FD Kelas Dandan Makeup playdate with me and Affi, whereas on the second day there was a Kelas Dandan with Wardah Beauty and Hijab Workshop with Isni Aju Karim as the instructor. Thank you for all who have participated in our FD Kelas Dandan and Hijab Workshop, we’re so happy to see all of your comments and we hope that everyone can have so much fun with makeup as much as we do.

What Happened:

So other than FD Kelas Dandan and Hijab Workshop, during the 2 days long event we also held E-commerce Platform by Multiply for Your Business workshop for those who have started their online shop or just about to go into the business.

We’ve posted the sneak peek before the day of the event and it seemed that many people were very eager to come that event, but it still didn’t prepare us to see so many people showing up on the first day the Market Plaza Day! Every inch of the hall of Kemang Village was packed with people, that it was hard to walk. There were so many things on sale at this event, from yummy food macaroon, cupcakes and even lontong cap gomeh to shoes and clothes. Someone even scored a pair of Zara top at Rp 10,000 and MAC Palette brand new Rp 150,000! There are many bags on sale, from Coach, Kate Spade, Burberry to our Market Plaza seller Ciciero.

On the second day, more people came to venue, though they came in a slower but steady stream. It made shopping even more enjoyable because there were enough space for the shoppers to try on outfits, swatch makeup and chat with fellow buyers or sellers. You could even see the sellers disappearing from their own booths and visited other booths to do some shopping themselves! :D We also got some music playing during those 2 days by Richoz and friends on Saturday and The Dying Sirens on the second day. Anyone could jump in and contribute a song or two which made it even more fun! Our Market Plaza Day was also very kid-friendly, as we provided a corner for them to do some drawing, coloring or playing in the inflatable pool filled with plastic, colorful balls. Everyone, young or old, certainly had a good time! Well, everyone, except the husbands and boyfriends maybe :D

If you come to the Market Plaza Day, tell us what you got from there and we would love to hear your comments in this thread.

What’s Next:

Rest assured that this won’t be the last of Market Plaza Day. We’ll try to bring you another one, an even bigger and better one, once we recover from this one and has successfully called our Mbak Tukang Pijet to help us recover faster :)

Thank you so much everyone for participating and we really hope you all had fun at our very first Market Plaza Day.

Huge thanks to our kind sponsors: Multiply and Wardah Beauty.

Also thank you to our media partner Ada Diskon.