Delicate Embroidery On Your Tunic & For Your Daughter Too

For those who celebrate it, what do you usually prepare to welcome Lebaran? I know it’s still a little too early but you do realize that within few weeks we will enter Ramadhan, right? Beside airplane tickets, hotels and other things many people need for going hometown, some people also prepare new outfits to be worn during Lebaran. If you don’t think you’ll have enough time to browse the mall looking for Lebaran clothing, we suggest embroidered tunic from Maysuda that you can buy in just a few clicks away.

Since the tunic is made of chiffon, it will fall perfectly and on your body. Such design allows you to move comfortably and to add layer beneath the tunic. The embroidery by Maysuda is carefully handcrafted so you don’t need to doubt its quality. FYI, Maysuda products won Kriya Potensi Ekspor Special Award from Dewan Kerajinan Nasional in 2006 and Best Craft category clothes and accessory from INACRAFT in 2004. The nice thing is Maysuda also has embroidered clothing for your daughter too, available in Maysuda Kids . Isn’t it cute? You can go around to relatives’ house with matching outfits!

See, Maysuda tunics are available in several different colors that can be matched with the little girl’s dresses. According to Maysuda website, all tunics above cost Rp. 556,000 each, slashed down from its normal price Rp 695,000. While the dress from Maysuda Kids is priced at Rp 295,000. You can check them all on their website or head to METRO Department Store since Maysuda is also available there.