Rose Scented Sariayu White Aromatic Body Lotion

The key to getting your fragrance to last longer is to layer the scents. It means using all of your body care products in the same scent of your perfumes, such as body wash, body lotion/butter, body spray and lastly, the fragrance itself. I find that layering works very well with perfumes that are light and have poor lasting power. If you have the budget, you can of course buy the body products from the same brand / fragrance line, but the problem is not all perfumes release corresponding body care products. I myself rarely buy the body care line of my favorite perfumes (unless they come in a set), instead I get more satisfaction by finding more affordable body care products that match the scent of my perfumes. I guess I’m cheap that way :D

Anyway, because I love rose fragrance and own several, I have been looking for a good rose-scented body lotion for a while now. Most rose-scented products I tried tend to smell too artificial. They smell okay when I sniff it from the bottle, but when I tried it on my skin, it gave me this plastic-y rose scent that instantly gave me a headache.

One great-smelling rose-scented body care lines that I found and loved was Dewi Sri Spa Javanese Rose. But they are only available in selected department stores and Puri Ayu, and it can be a hassle to go out of my way just to pick up a bottle of body lotion or body wash.

Then during one of my monthly visits to Giant, I absentmindedly picked up a bottle of Sariayu White Aromatic Relax Body Lotion with rose essential oils. The next morning I tried using it and was surprised at how good the lotion smells. It doesn’t have that synthetic, headache-inducing scent like any other drugstore products I’ve tried, thanks to the rose essential oils used in the formula. The lotion itself is very light and absorbs quickly on my skin but still leaving it well-hydrated throughout the day. It also contains hibiscus flower extract that, according to the info on the bottle, can nurture and “whiten” the skin. There’s also allantoin and Vitamin E as antioxidant, and besides rose, this lotion also contains neroli essential oils. When I saw the ingredient list, I also saw Olive fruit oil listed there. It’s also said to have UV protection although, just like other local products, it is not clearly indicated how much SPF is in it. I still use sunscreen on top, but I figured, if you only need to go out for 1-2 hours, this body lotion will suffice.

The rose scent itself is very nice. It’s soft and pretty and doesn’t have a trace of powder like most rose-scented products usually do. Instead, it has this freshness to it, which reminds me of smelling a rose early in the morning, when they are still covered in dew :) The scent of Sariayu White Aromatic body lotion isn’t too overpowering so it’s perfect to wear underneath your favorite rose fragrance because the scents won’t clash. I tried layering it with MAC Dejarose and also Annick Goutal Ce Soir ou Jamais. With Dejarose, it makes the perfume to stay light and fresh, as well as providing a great base for the perfume to last longer on my skin. With Ce Soir ou Jamais, the lotion amplified the rose notes on the fragrance, and combined with the boozy wine notes, the scent is even richer and sexier. The fragrance also lasts the whole day on my skin, and usually Annick Goutal fragrances have terrible lasting power, especially the EDT.

So mission is accomplished! I now have on my arsenal, a great rose-scented body lotion at only IDR 11.000 which I could get in any hypermarkets! My only wish is that Sariayu will launch a body wash of the same line. And maybe create a better packaging that looks more modern and sleek but still with a traditional touch to it? :)