With or Without Bangs, Which One Do You Prefer?

Blair Waldorf hairstyle never fails to make Leighton Meester look pretty but time to get fresher look has come. When I see pictures of her new hairstyle, I think she successfully did her makeover. She changed her hairstyle to blunt cut bang that  stops right at the eyebrow, combined with small chops at the ends. Do you think it perfectly frames Leighton’s face?

Besides Leighton, I also noticed another starlet who is comfortable with her fringe-free haircut for quite a long time. She is Olivia Palermo. So when I found her photos with blunt bangs and shorter locks for Stylecaster photoshoot, I couldn’t help to wonder why she doesn’t apply this look to her real-life haircut. She looks cute and younger with blunt bangs, doesn’t she?

If you’re on the team who prefer these two girls with their bangs, or considering to cut your bangs, hopefully the tips below will help you:

  • In case your hairdresser forgets, ask him/her to cut your bangs when it is dry. It will give you the exact length since wet or damp bangs tend to be shorter.
  • Ask your bangs to hit right at your eyebrow. Then you can ask the hairdresser to chop the end a little if you don’t want your bangs looking too blunt.
  • Trim your bangs once every couple of weeks to avoid them growing too long and hiding your eyes

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