Market Plaza Day Sneak Peek & Layout

Finally, tomorrow is the day of Market Plaza Day! We’re so excited and really can’t wait for tomorrow. Many of you might have seen many sneak peek of the item from the Market Plaza Day sellers on our Twitter account, so we’re going to share it again for you here. Don’t forget to bring as much cash as possible! Here are some of the items that you’re going to see at the Market Plaza Day.

Check out the Market Plaza Day layout below to find out the location of the booth of your favourite sellers:

  1. Treasureboxstore & Siren Clothing
  2. Jual Juil & Erweniati’s
  3. Fitting and Nursing Room
  4. Kid’s Corner
  5. Kid’s Corner
  6. Closet Quickies
  7. DapurQ
  8. Amaya Kitchen
  9. Yogheart Yoghurt
  10. Yummy Table
  11. Entertainment
  12. Sitting Area
  13. Sitting Area
  14. IndoMakeup
  15. Lena’s Shop feat. Haute Parfumerie
  16. Ou-Lala & Kika
  17. RB Project
  18. MAD
  19. Jilbab Miswa
  20. Ranaadhiya
  21. Duapita
  22. Female Little Corner
  23. MyCloset’s Garage Sale | Su-Cafe
  24. Rumah Parfum
  25. Glebova’s Garage Sale
  26. Knit Basic & Nably Covered
  27. Square
  28. Moporie
  29. Daily Essentials
  30. Ciciero Bags
  31. Beautinese and Ellinor Line
  32. Wardah
  33. Curvy Bliss
  34. La Spina Collection
  35. Purplerebel’s Junk in the Trunk
  36. Banananina
  37. BBCShoppe & SalvatoreG
  38. Multiply
  39. Bebibobu/Nostalgia
  40. Pignolo Bandito
  41. Moms N Mine
  42. Baby Feist
  43. Flats for Jade

Once again thank you for our sponsors Multiply and Wardah Beauty, also our media partner AdaDiskon.

We’ll see you there tomorrow :)