Things To Avoid While Shopping During Sale Season

Tantalizing discount that stores offer might blur our mind. It makes us focus and think on how great the offer is, whether the item is worth buying and so on, without much consideration on other things. With bombarding promotions that various retail have during this Jakarta Great Sale. I was overwhelmed by the sale offe when I went to the Central Park Midnight Sale that I thought it might be useful to write an article about what to avoid while shopping during sale season.

  1. Shopping in a hurry. Before heading to the mall or the store, make sure that you have prepared a mental note on which shop to go and predict your shopping duration to avoid uncomfortable situation. This is especially important during midnight sale because you’re shopping with a short time frame. When you have enough time to shop, you will have much time to decide what to buy more wisely.
  2. Being careless with your belongings. During sale season, stores tend to be more crowded than usual. Anything could happen. As an example, once you leave your shopping bag in a crowded store, it will be more difficult to find it back.
  3. Shopping alone when you know you’re going carry lots of shopping bags. Nothing is wrong with being independent. But having someone to assist you is better to help you watching over your belongings or to give his/her opinions before you buy something.

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