Groom and Prepare Yourself for Presentation!

Our working environment demand us to be ready for presentation at a very last minute, weather it’s presentation in front of a public event or to a client. On some days, we sometimes thought when will these presentations end? Practice do make perfect. But there are some basic tips before going into the battle that we always prepare and we thought it would be helpful to share it with you girls.

Before the presentation

  • The most important thing before you go into a presentation is to learn about the topic that you want to present and read as much as you can about it. You will feel less nervous when you understand the topic that you’re about to present. This will also allow you to be receptive when the audience ask you question afterward.
  • Once you get the topic sorted, make a list of the items that you want to present and write them on cards. Don’t forget to prepare your presentation slide as well, let it be short and let the explanation comes from you not the presentation slide.
  • If you feel nervous about it, practicing the presentation in front of your colleagues will help. It will give you some clue on which part of your presentation will need improvement and because you colleagues also understand the issue that you are about to present, he or she will be able to give some input to it. Practicing your presentation beforehand will also help you feel more ready and you will feel less nervous. It will also help you to present your topic more eloquently because you’ve picked your words and with ease.

The Big Day

During the day of your presentation there are several aspects that you need to prepare. It’s not just about the topic you’re about to present anymore, but it’s also how you present yourself and preparing yourself mentally to face the presentation. Here are several things that you need to check on the day.

Presentation Kit

  • Make sure that you already save your presentation slide on the notebook that you want to present it from and keep a spare copy of your presentation slide on a flash disk, just in case on the venue of your presentation, the projector is already set to display from one computer.
  • Check your cue cards and other supporting material that you want to bring such as connecting cables, pointers, etc.
  • Print your handouts in advance if you have one and any supporting materials. Don’t expect to get them done on the venue because it will only add to one of those last minute pressure.

Beauty and Grooming

  • Wear clothes that is not too thick because it will make you sweat easily and you don’t want it to be another thing to worry about during your big day right? Try to wear something light and not too tight so it won’t restrict your movement during presentation.
  • Don’t forget a little bit of makeup to make you looked polished but don’t wear too much of them so people will get distracted from your presentation.
  • The same principle apply for accessories, avoid chunky and dangling accessories because it will distract your audience. Keep it simple, because it’s all about scoring the presentation.
  • Lastly and most importantly wear deodorant to reduce your sweat, because the five common causes of sweat include heightened emotions, stress caused by pressure, light and continous movement, humidity and heat. Most of them you will be facing during your presentation. Just a little bit of trivia, human body can produce up to 10 litre of sweat but normally they produce 1 litre a day. But during those five situations I mentioned above, our body produces more than their normal condition. Usually during presentation day, a problem or two might arise. There’s always something small pop up at a very last minute to add pressure to your already stressful situation. Using deodorant such as Rexona will help in reducing the production of sweat because they’re using two active ingredients; Antiprespirant that will reduce sweat production by up to 40% compared to other deodorants in the market that can only reduce as much as 20%, and Deodorizer that will kill bacteria that can cause body odour.There are many variants from Rexona that will suit your need; Rexona Women, Rexona Teens, Rexona Men and Rexona Deo Lotion. So once again, don’t forget to use Rexona deodorant to boost up your confidence so you won’t have to worry you’re going to sweat excessively and you can be confident in nailing your big presentation! Actually, it’s important to use deodorant every single day because you just don’t want to sweat too much in very hot weather like Indonesia right?