Save Your Money for Market Plaza Day!

Have you marked the Female Daily Market Plaza Day in your calendar? If you haven’t, you better do it now and clear your calendar because it’s time to meet the “infamous” Market Plaza sellers in person. The Market Plaza Day is going to be held on 16-17 July 2011 from 10 AM to 4 PM at Kemang Village.

Some of the Certified Sellers that are going to open their booth at the Market Plaza Day are Moporie by PheebeeTreasurebox by LucyCicieroJual Juil by YokekomikPurplerebel’s Junk in the TrunkIndo Makeup by Brooklyn and BBCSHOPPE by Babycleo. There are also more sellers catered for fashion, beauty and kids products that are going to open their booths at the Market Plaza Day, so I can’t tell you enough to make sure your shopping budget this month will not go anywhere else! :D

For the beauty novice, we’re going to held another FD Kelas Dandan and if you haven’t secured your seat, you can do so at this thread. We’re also going to held another Hijab Workshop and also Kelas Dandan with Wardah. If you’re a fellow beauty junkie, you’re more than welcome to drop by to have a chat with others alike so we can share the latest beauty addiction with each other.

In this event, we’re also going to have kid’s corner so if you’re planning to bring your kids you need not to worry because there are plenty of activities that they can do there.

This event is supported by Multiply and Wardah Beauty.

Also a big thanks to our media partner AdaDiskon.

Don’t forget to say hi to the Female Daily crew when you come to the venue!

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  • dinazka

    mantappp ,semoga bs dateng :)

  • Catra

    Aaahhhh dateng ah…. FD kelas dandan-nya kapan? Bayar brapa siih?

  • Lena

    Lena’s Shop juga ada lho! Bakal bagi2 sample, tapi bawa sendiri wadahnya ya, karena diambil dari full-sized products. See ya there people!

  • Pingback: yoke yuliana

  • oulala

    yuk mari…. kita juga ikutan loooo…………

  • lia

    hi kalo mau ikut berpartisipasi di event kaya gini lagi,gmana cara nya ;) thankyouu

  • Suri Yanti

    ahhh sayang dah telat.. adain lagi donk, pasti datang nich :)