Pop the Big Question with Lanvin Marry Me

What goes through your mind when you hear about a perfume called “Marry Me”?

A romantic guy proposing to his girl carrying a bottle of perfume with a ring with the other hand? Or a girl who’s so bold she asks her man the big question through this fragrance? Or a shy lover who tries to give “hints” to the boyfriend by wearing it?

Him: Hmm, you smell so good. What are you wearing?

Her: Marry Me! :D

Whatever story behind the name, Lanvin Marry Me surely brings to mind some romantic images. This fragrance is a declaration of love from Lanvin – to all women – with its fondest message, an ode to their beautiful femininity, a celebration of their radiant personality, a tribute to them.

It is also dedicated for all kind of women; romantic single women who dream of love, married women who know this fulfilling love that time cannot diminish, and women who are planning to get married and who are obviously living this beautiful love and intense happiness. Love is universal, all women are dreaming of love, talking about love, and are currently feeling or will definitely feel this bright love!

And if you guess that the juice inside this pretty bottle to be a romantic one, you’re absolutely right!

Lanvin Marry Me comes in a sleek glass bottle complete with a cute purple ribbon. When you spray it, you’ll be greeted with a big heady floral opening notes, like you’re sniffing a big bouquet of flowers. The floral notes listed are freesia, jasmine and magnolia and they’re definitely not a soft, whispery floral notes; they’re quite strong and intoxicating, much like the first few months of being hopelessly in love ;) When the heart note appeared, I started to smell the fruity notes such as bitter orange and peach. But on my skin, it doesn’t turn sweet, like so many other fruity floral types usually do, the notes just add some zest and freshness to the scent. After a few hours, it starts to mellow out a little, leaving me with a trail of white cedar, amber and musk that stays for a few hours. In total, the fragrance lasted 7 hours on my skin. Not bad!

If you love floral fragrance with a bit of zest, I would definitely recommend this fragrance for you. I imagine the woman who wears this fragrance as someone who’s free spirited, a little impulsive and not afraid to open her heart completely to someone :) If that sounds like you, or if you’re a guy who’s thinking of a creative way to propose to your girl, don’t hesitate, this a fragrance for you!

Lanvin Marry Me EDP is available in most department stores and retails for IDR 1,060,000,-

Writing this review really got me in a romantic mood. What if I tell you that you need to show me what you think is the most romantic moment with your loved one, be it your husband or boyfriend, and you could win a bottle of this wonderful perfume plus movie and dining voucher from Blitz Megaplex and Pand’Or? Sounds great, right? Get ready to browse through your photo albums to get what you think is the most romantic photo and head down Lanvin Marry Me Romantic Photo Competition thread to participate!