Quick Shopping Tips From Sunsilk Belanja Sepuasnya Winners

Do you remember how lucky the winners of Sunsilk Belanja Sepuasnya were? As I had mentioned before, Sunsilk Belanja Sepuasnya would have its second part. That happened on Saturday, June 18, 2011, still in Grand Indonesia Shopping Town. Again, 10 winners were given Rp 10 million each as their shopping budget. All they needed to do to join the contest is to buy any product of Sunsilk, keep the purchase receipt and send the details through sms. Then the committee from Sunsilk will draw 10 winners and check the validity of winner’s identity card and purchase receipt. The effort of sending the sms means nothing when you’re given and facilitated Rp 10 million shopping budget, transportation to Jakarta, accommodation in 4-star hotel, free makeover and dinner with Julie Estelle.

Apparently, the winners of Sunsilk Belanja Sepuasnya the second part spent the money faster than the previous winners.  In no more than 2 hours, most of the winners had finished their shopping and were ready to get makeover. How could they shop faster? Did they learn from the previous shopping experience or what? After following and documenting the two shopping moments of Sunsilk Belanja Sepuasnya, I discovered some shopping tips that made them shop fast. The tips might be useful for you too if one day you’re given big shopping budget to be spent quickly. Who knows ;)

1. Make a shopping list and arrange it according to your priority.

Put the item you want or you need the most on the top of your list and followed by the rest. Stick to your shopping list and avoid unnecessary distraction will save your time.

2. Make a survey before the shopping day.

Browse the mall and find the items you have put on shopping list in the right store. If you have already known which store to buy at, you won’t need to wonder around the mall on the shopping day.

3. Book the items you want to buy before shopping.

A winner of Sunsilk Belanja Sepuasnya did it and it amazed the team from Sunsilk. It also saved much time because all she needed to do in the shopping day is the transaction.


If you follow some or the entire tips, I believe your shopping will be more organized. Just like the winners of Sunsilk Belanja Sepuasnya experienced. It resulted them became more relaxed when they got the makeover from Sunsilk Hair Studio. Here’s how they look after the makeover, with piling shopping bags in front of them: