My Visit to Sunsilk Hair Studio

Have you checked the newly opened Sunsilk Hair Studio at Level 2, Grand Indonesia? Last week, when my event near that area finished around five in the afternoon and the afternoon rush hour started, I decided to give it a try. I’ve been wanting to try it since I read Rizka’s article on the ten things I can do at Sunsilk Hair Studio. So I chose to get myself pampered rather than getting stuck at the crazy afternoon rush hour.

Sunsilk Hair Studio stood at a 580 square meter area with mirror decoration at every corner. I’m really loving the concept, since you can check your reflection from many angles. Which is what I really love to do as I walk out of a hair studio, sporting a freshly styled hair.

I can’t really picture everything that Rizka mentioned in her article when I read it, because it seems like a lot going on in one space; hair studio, boutiques, photo booth, sales counter, product displays, lounge and cafe. When I stepped inside the Sunsilk Hair Studio, apparently the space is divided into two zones with one housing the hair studio itself and the other housing the rest of the service.

Hair Studio (left) and Lounge (right) area

At this hair studio, you can get the usual salon service such as haircut, styling and creambath. But at this hair studio you’re also presented with a hair menu consisting of seven hairstyle trends and a complete makeup that will go with the style, all courtesy of Qiqi Franky. Not only that, you will also see the creations of seven Indonesian designers creation to represent the seven variants of the Sunsilk Co-Creations.

The seven hair trends that you can get at Sunsilk Hair Studio: Fierce Crop, Country Braids, Ponnytail Upper East, Perfect Waves, Hollywood New Edge, First Lady, and Retro Red Carpet.

I walked out of the hair studio feeling revived and ready for another full day of effective working hour. Not only that, I also got a smashing photo print out instantly after I took the photo at the booth. Super happy!

If you want to book yourself an appointment at Sunsilk Hair Studio you can contact them at +62 21 2358 1974 and don’t forget to add them on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest information from Sunsilk.

I also got a bottle of Sunsilk Soft & Smooth Shampoo to bring home since that’s the one I pick when they wash my hair at the beginning of the service.