Today’s Outfit: Runway My Way

When I got this shirt, I was happy to see the beautiful batik prints combined with fresh light green. I promised myself that I would find the perfect item to pair with this cute shirt. I had tried to put on my black skinny jeans with the shirt but I kinda didn’t like the whole look. Then I remember the style I had spotted from some fashion shows, to pair peplum top with mini skirt. Peplum seems to be everywhere, these are from Musa and Sebastian Gunawan latest fashion shows from where I drew my inspiration from.

Musa (left) and Sebastian Gunawan (right)

I was about to wear my black skirt but unfortunately I couldn’t find it in my closet. So I tried to find an alternative by wearing my little black dress underneath the top. The little black dress saved me and complimented the top nicely. With this combination, I also got compliments from my boyfriend’s mother when I met her :D So I won’t forget to thank Hillie Daily for the shirt.

  • Top: Hillie Daily
  • Dress (worn as skirt) and handbag: X.S.M.L
  • Shoes: Mitchybell